Special Edition: 2-Year Anniversary of Dare to Inspire

It is hard to imagine that it has been two years since we launched our book, Dare to Inspire. It feels like a lifetime ago.

Our team recently reminisced about October 2019, when we were excitedly putting together gift boxes filled with books, letters, and card decks as we prepared to launch our book Dare to Inspire. This book was the outcome of years of research to understand how inspirational leadership and business culture translates into better performance and well-being.

That month, we assembled the special book packages as a first step in our eagerly anticipated book launch, which would culminate in taking the stage at SXSW in March 2020.

People loved receiving our inspired book boxes…we could feel the momentum building as we looked to bring our groundbreaking research on inspiration to audiences across the country.

We had just started our speaking tour when the world suddenly and unexpectedly shut down. In fact, the cancellation of SXSW was the moment we knew that the world was about to change.

However, what we didn’t yet realize was that despite SXSW being cancelled, the need for inspiration would soon be more relevant, and essential, than ever before.

In fact, while the book laid out the case for inspiration, and inspired leadership, as the fuel that organizations most needed for sustainable growth and transformation, what we couldn’t predict was a worldwide pandemic that would forever change people and their experience in the workforce.

We couldn’t predict the Great Resignation and the urgent need for a new kind of leadership in this new, and emerging world of work.

We couldn’t predict the staggering rates of burnout and the demand for a focus on employee health and well-being.


Today is exactly two years since our book was released, and where we once struggled to tell the story of why inspiration is the most important resource to be managed in work and life, now it is what organizations know they need.

As leaders navigate through an evolving future, we are being asked to support them in reimagining success and designing a new approach to employee well-being and performance excellence through an intentional inspired performance and people strategy.

The culmination of our original research concluded that the practice of inspiration is:

  • The opposite of and antidote to burnout
  • A driver of innovation, generative thinking, and transformation
  • A way for people to feel empowered, courageous, and confident in their work and lives
  • A way to deepen connection, activate purpose, and increase well-being

A people strategy without an inspiration strategy embedded into it will NOT produce what the workforce needs and wants today. A new future is demanding a new kind of leadership and approach to growing thriving organizations.


Thank you for being part of our InspireCorps family and sharing this journey with us, you are our inspiration. 

While we don’t have a formal plan for celebrating our 2nd anniversary, mostly because we are focused completely on supporting leaders at this crucial moment in time, here are a few pieces of news you can use to continue to share on social media and/or in email to your network: 


NEW Services!

We would love to talk with you about how a clear and powerful inspiration strategy can support your highest business priorities in 2022. 

Just as you are reshaping for success in the future, we have an entirely new suite of services to meet you where you are and seize this moment. Please email to grab time with us if you would like to explore what’s possible. 

Lastly, we are launching a new, transformative group coaching + mastermind program specifically for senior HR leaders in January. We know that this role has never been harder, or more important, than it is now. You can find more information about it here.

With inspiration and gratitude, 



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