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2019: The Year of Sustainable Inspiration

We dare companies to inspire, inspired people drive success. 

Because we know this is true, we have declared 2019 as the year of sustainable inspiration. Here’s why:

For organizations, which are comprised of leaders and teams, individual and shared inspiration can be a source of significant competitive advantage. In fact, we believe that inspiration is the resource organizations need to manage most to lead into the future.

Inspired individuals with a common goal can move organizational mountains – rapidly responding to quickly shifting market environments, generating innovative products and solutions, increasing efficiency, and attracting and retaining top talent. 

Inspired employees – those who find meaning and purpose in their everyday contributions – are highly motivated, productive, and creative. They are also happier in their jobs and committed to the success of their organization. 

Inspired teams function more effectively, have greater trust, innovate more, and generate greater results. Inspired employees and teams become internal evangelists of that inspiration, while clients of inspired organizations become brand evangelists.

Inspiration is something to be explored, understood, and activated as the basis for a richer engagement in life and work, as well as a lasting differentiator.

As you look to launch the New Year strong, we hope you enjoy how we define sustainable inspiration and why we believe it is the resource that will drive success in today’s modern workplace. Read more in this downloadable report on creating sustainable inspiration. 


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