How about a 90 Day Inspired Performance Sprint?

“The great thing about having a 12 week year is that the deadline is always near enough that you never lose sight of it. It provides a time horizon that is long enough to get things done, yet short enough to create a sense of urgency and a bias for action.”

– Brian Moran about his movement and methodology called The 12 Week Year

90 days. 12 weeks.

How long we have left in 2019.

Perhaps we can entice you to join us for a 90 Day/12 Week Inspired Performance Sprint?

Like you, we want to finish the year strong by setting and achieving a few high priority, aspirational goals for last three months of 2019. If you are so inclined to lean into a bit of a stretch, join us by taking these 5 steps to sprint into the New Year:

  1. Set 2 -3 specific, measurable and aspirational stretch goals for December 31. The best goals are based in reality, but feel a little bit uncomfortable. Identify what calls you most to focus, and requires you to be disciplined in your actions and behaviors.
  2. Create a list of the priority activities that need to happen every week in order to achieve your 2-3 goals. In creating this list, identify the top 3 – 5 activities that, even when your days or week became over-scheduled or overcommitted, these are the activities you MUST complete to make achieving your goals possible.
  3. Align your calendar to these priorities. Don’t let anything get in the way. These priority activities should be blocked in your calendar so that there is no potential to lose sight of them.
  4. Create a compelling vision – get clear on your why. After you’ve identified your goals and key activities, you should feel a compelling and urgent WHY, a reason (or reasons) that you chose these particular goals.  What is it? What will be different when you achieve them? How will you feel, what will you see?
  5. Schedule a check-in every 30 days. This is how you will measure and track your progress, create accountability, and celebrate progress.  Make sure that you schedule the check-ins in your calendar!

We have created a special 90 Day/12 Week Inspired Performance Sprint worksheet for you to use to finish the year strong.  Download it here.

Let’s do this!

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