Building Sustainable Inspiration: The Spark of Inspiration

Sustainable Inspiration: it’s what InspireCorps is all about.

In our last piece on this theme, we shared our research-based definition of inspiration. Instead of the common perception of a spark that happens to you, inspiration is the combination of possibility and invincibility.  It’s a force you have the power to attract and control. To create sustainable inspiration, you first need to understand how to spark it. Below, we share our thoughts on how creating situations that spark you always include elements of possibility and invincibility.

When we feel that there is possibility, our thinking extends beyond what we can see and what has been known to work in the past. Our minds are introduced to a new, expanded capacity to visualize, create, analyze, and foresee new opportunities. It’s an exhilarating feeling.

Some may consider “invincibility” to be an abandonment of all common sense and regard for safety, but it’s not. Instead, when invincibility is combined with inspiration, it operates as a heightened confidence that leads one to take action in responsible but bold ways to achieve a goal.

Specifically, we define the initial moment of inspiration – the spark – as the intersection of possibility and invincibility.

Inspiration Graph

For many, the initial spark dissipates over time, especially when they consider how difficult it will be to maintain this new way of thinking and achieve their objectives. Others may think of inspiration as something they cannot control or create; they sit and wait for it to find them instead of going out and seeking new opportunities.

What we know at InspireCorps is that once people know the kinds of situations and people that create sparks of inspiration, they can absolutely see possibility where others cannot. They can pursue opportunities that change the trajectory of their careers and the organizations they represent. Once they understand how to harness this power, they happen more frequently, show up in new or different ways, and become contagious within the company.

In our next post, we will discuss how deliberate practice is the key in creating sustainable inspiration. Over the next few weeks, pay attention to what situations spark you. How you can activate them more? 


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