Celebrating Dare To Inspire

Celebrating Dare To Inspire’s 1 Year Anniversary

We find ourselves celebrating the 1 year anniversary of the release of our book, Dare to Inspire…and what a year it has been!

Despite the many challenges of 2020, we sit here today feeling grateful, and humble.

We are grateful to have had the opportunity to share inspiration during a time when it has been needed more than ever, and we are humbled to witness the many ways you have been using the book to ignite it in yourselves and those around you.

At the same time, and amidst the uncertainty and turbulence of this year, we have witnessed inspiration showing up in so many ways, both beautiful and heartbreaking, reinforcing just how important it is to our wellbeing and ability to reimagine into the future.

Each of us has taken time to reflect on this anniversary year and want to share them with you; we hope you will enjoy our thoughts and would love to hear yours:

In gratitude and reflection, I stand in our 1 year anniversary of our book release. if we only had a crystal ball, we would have known that our research and our work would be needed more than ever. 

This year has taught us first hand that the most extraordinary inspiration can come from the darkest events in the world.  

Thank you to our amazing community of co-conspirators of inspiration. It is with extreme hope and courage that we look into the future and are inspired to create a better tomorrow.”

– Jen Grace Baron

“This past year has been quite the unexpected and wild ride, pushing and stretching me personally and professionally. I’m sure you can relate!

Looking back to November 2019 when we first unveiled the Dare to Inspire book…  I’ve never been more proud of the ideas in it, the passion behind it, and the positive impact it’s having in the world of work. 

We never anticipated the upheaval of 2020 – which not only drastically changed our book tour plans, but also changed fundamentally how people work and what values / priorities are most important to them.

It’s been a year of reflection, evaluating values and priorities, and taking action around what matters most. It’s been a year when we’ve needed inspiration to give us the hope, courage and confidence to carry forward.”

– Allison Holzer

“Excited this is the 1 year anniversary of our book Dare to Inspire! Who knew a year ago how much we would need inspiration through 2020? 

The book is about how to bring inspiration into your work and life – you don’t have to wait for it to strike. It’s been gratifying to see how many have used the book to navigate this difficult year. If you’re feeling burnout or a little at sea, engineer some inspiration to help you find your footing. 

I’m hoping for an easier 2021 ahead, but glad to recognize the book can help regardless.”

– Sandy Spataro

We have also put together a few other anniversary resources for you to enjoy, please find them here.

We continue to hold abundant hope and optimism for the coming year and invite you to join our growing community of leaders that practice inspiration in work and life.


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