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Creating Sustainable Inspiration

The world of work is changing and the future of work will be dependent upon building sustainable inspiration in organizations. We define the initial moment of inspiration – the spark – as the intersection of possibility and invincibility. Sustainable inspiration combines the ecstatic feelings of invincibility and possibility with intentional practice.

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Ongoing, carefully designed practice cultivates a habit of inspiration. Like a muscle you work at the gym, access to, and regeneration of, inspiration gets stronger and easier the more you exercise it. When you practice sustainable inspiration, you shape yourself in new ways. Just as the bodies of athletes perform differently than less fit ones, individuals practicing sustainable inspiration are qualitatively different from those that are uninspired.

Just as fit bodies operate in new ways – the metabolism speeds up, blood pressure drops, and the resting heart rate falls, among other changes – when the body has been exercised to achieve improved fitness. Some people, once in shape, actually crave exercise and notice when they are not active. We can similarly train ourselves to experience and sustain inspiration more often.

The more inspiration is exercised, the easier the sparks come, the longer the flame shines, and the more frequently they occur.

We notice how we feel when we feel inspired, and when we don’t. We start to crave inspiration and strive to have more of it in our lives.

What would intentional practice of inspiration look like in your organization?

Can you visualize leaders in your organization igniting and sustaining inspiration in themselves and those around them? What it might feel like to recognize that spark and be inspired yourself, how might it feel to take inspired action using tools and having established accountability partners to help spread the inspiration? What are the possibilities and what impact might contagious inspiration have on you, your day, the workforce, and the entire organization? Imagine a future where every single individual, from employees to the c-suite feel inspired to make a positive impact within the organization every day. What can be achieved through collaboration and inspiration?

At InspireCorps we call on, and support, organizations to embrace sustainable inspiration to not only keep up with, but to surpass the demands of today’s environment. We have refined a set of specific practices that reliably ignite sparks of inspiration as well as deliberate practice structures that sustain the spark of inspiration.

When leaders bring it all together at the individual, team, and culture levels, inspiration can improve performance and the bottom line exponentially.


Are you up for a challenge?

  • We challenge you to lead through inspiration.
  • We challenge you to build epic teams through inspiration.
  • We challenge you to reinvent your world of work through inspiration.
  • We challenge you to break through and have your best days more often.


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