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Building Sustainable Inspiration: What is a Culture of Inspiration?

To create inspiration, you have to understand what it is.

At InspireCorps, we’re in the business of creating sustainable inspiration. Through original research we’ve conducted, combined with the work we have done with clients over the years, we have cultivated an understanding of certain truths about inspiration that inform on how to engineer this often-elusive driver of greatness.

Inspiration is not, as it is often portrayed, an unexpected, fleeting visitor. It is a force we have the power to attract and control.


Traditionally, inspiration is defined as an experience that happens to us – where a situation, event, or person sparks new possibilities, capabilities, and action. 

The Latin roots of the word inspiration mean, literally, “to breath in” or “take a breath” – a powerful gasp that infuses new life and excitement to what we are focused on. The experience happens fast; one is overcome with a burst of positive energy – like a spark. That burst of energy includes both greater possibility and a sense of invincibility. 

Leaders who make inspiration happen – both by designing the right set of tools, systems, and environments that will inspire employees and by encouraging employees to inspire themselves, will stay ahead of the pace of change.

Inspired employees take charge of their own motivation and their own success. They invest more of themselves in their contributions to the organization, they are more strategic and innovative thinkers, and they are more resilient and less vulnerable to burn out. Perhaps most importantly, inspired employees aspire to higher goals for themselves and for the organization they feel a part of.


Think about a leader that has inspired you to higher performance. Imagine them in action and capture 3 behaviors that you found inspiring. Tweet @InspireCorpsCo your most inspired memory of them using  #inspiredleader. We can’t wait to hear what you say!


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