Listening, Learning and Practicing

For a year of excessive turbulence and uncertainty, it is hard to believe that 2020 is already half over. It feels like it has gone extremely slowly, and quickly, at the same time.

There has been so much to process over these past six months. As challenging as it has been, we continue to hold hope and optimism for a new future, to see tremendous opportunities for those who are open to becoming the powerful, inspiring leaders they are meant to be.

Back in 2018, Allison wrote about the five key pillars of creating a coaching mindset in organizations for Next Concept HR Magazine. Now more than ever, we all need to pay attention to how we listen, support and lead ourselves and each other.

Creating a Coaching Mindset

As you read the following pillars, we invite you to consider which pillars you would like to practice.

Deep, Full Body Listening
Never has there been time when listening is more critical. In this environment, where there are heightened emotions and energy as people manage unprecedented levels of uncertainty, change and disruption, the best way for leaders to build trust and connection with their people, and create an environment where people can transform together, is to give space, time and attention to listening to them.

Radical Curiosity
Under the best of times, curiosity, and asking the right questions, is the cornerstone of coaching excellence. In times of adversity, and when conditions of increasing levels of stress, where anxiety and potential burnout exist, it becomes even more important for leaders to invite their people to be heard. Not just asking questions, but expansive and appreciative inquiry that show authentic interest.

Practical Empathy
It goes without saying that recent events are calling for extreme compassion and empathy. Leaders that seek to understand how their people are feeling and what they are experiencing will be planting seeds for rebuilding the organization of the future. Self-compassion comes in here too. Let’s connect to our own emotions as we put ourselves in others’ shoes.

Possibility Focused
The questions that we are not yet ready to answer are the “what” and “when” of transformation into the future. However what we do know is that igniting the power of possibility will be at the core of what leaders must do as they guide their organizations through a process of reimagining what it means to operate in this new environment and deliver excellence in new ways.

Relationship First
At the core of this moment in time is how we connect to each other as human beings, and how we build organizations that are focused on people first. Central to this connection will be seeing each other in new ways, being willing to be vulnerable about what we don’t know, celebrating our unique gifts and strengths, welcoming all voices and seizing opportunities to set a strong foundation upon which we can build organizations that operate in the interest of our collective wellbeing and success.

I look forward to hearing how these pillars support you and your team; email and share your story with us

It’s our deepest wish that you find some time in the coming weeks to step away to process all that is happening in our society and in your own life, take care of yourself and ignite your own inspiration practice.

Listening + Amplifying

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