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Leadership Development - The InspireCorps Way

Leadership Development – The InspireCorps Way

There are hundreds of thousands of articles and frameworks outlining what leadership is and how it works. There are equally as many leadership development programs, trainings and models available to individuals and organizations.

While we know that leadership can be taught, learned and developed, it is also a calling. It is an opportunity for any individual to seize, but one that many never actively choose. Becoming an extraordinary leader is choice; it is not given through title or position, but earned through behavior, actions and words.

We believe that leadership is not assigned and it is not hierarchical. It is a passion, skill and competence that can be developed in ourselves and others. It’s a full-contact support that, at its best, uses the body, mind and emotions to inspire followership and accelerate performance excellence.


Ability to inspire commitment and discretionary effort toward a shared mission, vision and goals.

Mobilizing efforts across people to reach for and achieve results and build capability in the process.

We believe that it is a leader’s first job to motivate him/herself so that they can grow inspired people, teams and cultures. Integral to this belief is understanding that inspiration doesn’t just happen to you, like a spark of lightning. Yes, inspiration can be viewed as a spark, but a spark that can be ignited, sustained and grown by you through deliberate practice. This is the new vision for agile leadership.

We believe that leadership development is accelerated through finding specific and actionable opportunities as the best leverage point for change. These opportunities can be major developmental goals or more humble experiments, like improving your communication skills in your one-on-one meetings.

We believe every one of us is a leader, influencing those around us and creating impact from wherever we stand.


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