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Psst…you can actually practice inspiration

Sustainable Inspiration: it’s our mission as a company to change the way we think, feel and behave at work through inspiration.

We believe it is a right to be inspired by your work. Inspired people lead innovation and growth. They are at the heart of an organization’s success. The question of how you, as an individual, can manage and practice inspiration is what we’re going to explore in this piece. 

Inspiration Fingerprint

You have a unique inspiration fingerprint- the experiences, emotions, and values that light you up and inspire you to transformative performance. Inspiration comes in a multitude of flavors and forms, ranging from sublime moments of bliss to profound loss. Their commonality is that they help redefine your definition of what’s possible. Because it is a leader’s first job to inspire self, starting with self-awareness about the mindsets, emotions and even physical energy states that foster inspiration for you is key. With insight and awareness of what inspires you, you can create reset rituals to spark and dial up the inspired qualities you want to bring forward- to a meeting, role or even a relationship. 

Ready, Set, Reset!

A reset is a deliberate effort to shift your energy and emotional state to one that best services the task at hand. It involves interrupting current states (mind, body or emotions) with an intervention that resets them in a new direction. Reset rituals are connected to inspiration because they are opportunities to open your mind and shift from what is to what is possible and transformative. With practice and experimentation, well-designed resets increase your agility and ability to practice inspiration in ways that are most effective for the situation at hand.

Try these tips when you’re ready to design a reset ritual:

  • Create in 3-D: activate your body (how you move), mind (how you think), and emotions (how you feel) in the reset.
  • Design for different needs: how you inspire yourself when you’re feeling tired or distracted is very different from when you’re grabbed by surprise bad news or need to bring innovative, hopeful energy to an important meeting.
  • Practice where it pinches: the intentional practice of cultivating inspiration really shines when you’re applying it in areas of rub and fear. Create resets that strengthen your ability to reach outside of your comfort zone and see where the spirit of possibility and invincibility takes you!

At InspireCorps, we want you to have your best day more often. What that looks like for you is different for me, but by using sustainable inspiration practices, like reset rituals, each of us can shape our lives so that we live in states of inspiration and meaning on a regular basis.

Have you downloaded our Inspiration & Swagger Plan? Use this template as an opportunity to intentionally practice and commit to doing more of the things that ignite your inspiration. 


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