Inspiration Strategy: Pushing Pause to Look Back

When is the last time you pushed pause on looking ahead to all that you want do and be, instead took time to look back on just how much you have done and achieved?  With less than two months left in the year, it is so easy to get lost in driving to close the year strong.

We have to remind ourselves not to fall into this trap, to make time  to savor the ride- not only to celebrate our wins and success, but all that we have learned and how we’ve grown along the way. 

Last year,  we celebrated InspireCorps’ 5th anniversary and shared our key reflections on a big year for the company.  We entered 2019 with big and bold aspirations, but as we stand on the edge of 2020, we couldn’t of imagined then where we be today, how far we’ve come in just 11 months. 

In the next two weeks, we will finally be able to share what we’ve been patiently (or not so patiently) waiting to share with you:

  • The official release of our new book, Dare to Inspire – launching on November 12 (it’s still available for pre-order) we hope you will keep your eye out on linkedin, instagram and twitter for exciting launch updates!
  • New branding and website – for any of you who have gone through a new branding and website process, you know that it is a HUGE project, especially while doing it while continuing to grow as a business. It pushed and stretched us in many uncomfortable ways, but now that we are here, we are thrilled to share our new look with you!

In our most recent team meeting, we took time to reflect 2019 and what our work has meant to us: 

We are so proud to be a women’s owned business that has grown from a start-up experiment to a sustainable organization. 

There are 12.3 million women owned businesses today in the US that play a vital role in our economy, but sadly more than 50% of them will fail by their 5th year. As we go into our 7th year, it feels like we can count on it going forward, focusing more about growth now than about survivability. It’s thrilling!

We have the most amazing team. 

We’re so proud of each other. We work with extraordinary people who have all stretched and grown in miraculous ways. Some businesses may not walk their talk, but we do. We believe that it is essential to live and grow as individuals, and as a company, aligned to what we practice in our client partnerships. As a result, we know that it works and will have tremendous impact. We prove that loving each other is good business strategy.

We fully own who we are, an Inspiration Strategy firm. 

We know, with even more confidence, that inspiration is the resource that individuals, teams and organizations must manage most to lead successfully into the future, and that will produce the greatest results. 

We also know that inspired people not only drive results, but because they have an intentional inspiration practice, they are having their best days more often allowing them to be happier, healthier and more productive in every way.

Inspiration has, from the beginning, been at the core of what we offer and how we work with clients. Originally, our approach was to enable people’s inspiration acting as their guides/sherpas, where we walk them through the learning, growth process in a more hands on way. However, the research and writing of Dare to Inspire advanced our understanding of inspiration and helped us codify the ideas and process so other people can do it on their own (no longer need us as guides), and in the last year, we’ve really owned inspiration explicitly, shared it with the world in different ways, and invited leaders and organizations to be a part of it. We know that we are changing the way leaders look at their people and that we are disrupting how organizations approach the employee experience. We feel ready to bring this work more powerfully to the world.

We know what matters most. 

Seeing the tremendous impact of our work changing lives and organizations is exhilarating. 

We are not a training company or a traditional consulting firm, but rather an Inspiration Strategy firm that builds long term, inspired partnerships with our clients to produce a meaningful and measurable impact that prepares them to lead successfully into the future. Now that we have been working with clients for longer periods of time, it’s so amazing to see the changes and the lasting impact. This was the dream all those years ago and it’s finally happening. It has always been about having impact for us, not merely growing revenue or our team; and while many people think of books as ways to reach the masses, for us the book is about a movement…ultimately creating stewards of inspiration all around the world.

This next chapter deserves a new look. 

With this new way of reaching out to people and bringing our work to the world in a bigger way, it’s the right time to refine our brand and voice. The new logo, voice, and colors we’ve selected are deliberate in expressing our values – they are bold and yet also refined, professional and personal, and showcase both gravitas and playfulness. It reflects how we feel and how we want you to feel when getting to know and engaging with us. We hope you like it as much as we do.


We are always amazed at the difference a year can make, and what can be produced when group of inspired people put one foot boldly in front of the other, together. The growth and evolution happens one step, and one day at a time.

We are so grateful that you are part of our steadily growing tribe of inspired leaders, and invite you to push pause, look back, reflect on your year and share with us the many amazing, and inspired things that you have done!


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