Sandra E. Spataro, PhD

Co-Founder & Chief Excellence Officer, InspireCorps

Combines managerial experience and academic expertise to bring organizational impact.

Sandy blends Silicon Valley experience with academic rigor to craft innovative, high-impact development plans for leaders, teams and organizations. As a publishing professor, she fluidly translates her research expertise in social influence and organizational culture into actionable, accessible, frameworks and tools that transform leaders and their organizations. Her contributions at InspireCorps are rooted in:

Evidence-Based Impact

Sandy is driven to make academic research useful. She is constantly on the hunt for the most impactful academic research and the best ways to translate it to industry.

Impact through Teaching

Sandy’s almost 20 years of experience teaching MBAs and Executives enables her to connect with a room of managers with wisdom and empathy.

Thought Leadership + Publication

Always contributing to the field, Sandy has published over 20 articles in leading academic and practitioner journals, as well as one book for managers. She is an established thought leader in social influence, status, and organizational culture, her primary areas of study.

Inspiring Quote

“You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody.”

—Maya Angelou

Signature Strengths

Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence





Client Impact

(Sandy) was always challenging us to participate and think outside the box. She was always so willing to listen to our insights and offer her perspective. The learning atmosphere was wonderful.

Working with Sandra helped me not only to develop key questions, but also to answer a lot of those outstanding questions regarding my professional life. Her inquisitive style in addition to her methods for establishing accountability was invaluable in providing a clear direction.

I’m discovering so much about myself! Wow! I’m amazed and delighted! This is happening because you created safety for me. Thank you for honoring my values.


  • Bachelor of Arts (BA), Economics, Stanford University
  • Master of Arts (MA), Sociology, Stanford University
  • PhD, Organizational Behavior and Industrial Relations, University of California, Berkeley
  • Tenured Associate Professor of Management, Northern Kentucky University (NKU)
  • Dean’s Citation for Outstanding Scholarship, NKU (2015)
  • MBA Pathfinder Award for Excellence in Teaching and Leadership, NKU (2013)
  • Member, Phi Beta Kappa
  • Member, Academy of Management
  • Member, Organizational Behavior Teaching Society