TEDx: Unpack the Power of Inspiration to Shape Your Future

The future demands a new approach to leadership.

Inspiration has never been needed more.

We are so proud to share that our very own Allison Holzer’s TEDx talk, Unpack the Power of Inspiration to Shape Your Future,” has just been released.

We never imagined when our book launched in 2019, that the world would unfold in a way that makes inspiration more essential than ever before. As we look to reshaping the future in a post pandemic world, inspiration will be the resource we will most need to envision what’s possible and tap into the courage, confidence, hope and energy to make it happen.

As newly emerging priorities are coming into focus for finishing 2021 strong, leaders must be able to empower and inspire people to bring their best in an environment with significant and sustained uncertainty and change.

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In Inspiration + Partnership,
Allison + InspireCorps


We are open to offering thought leadership and sharing more about the highest strategic priorities that leaders that leaders will need to focus on during this stage of the pandemic, namely how to:

  • Prepare leaders to build cultures of inclusivity + belonging
  • Re-engage employees from languishing and burnout,
  • Imagine creative ways to work in complex, hybrid and remote environments

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