I was the somber, all-knowing physician. Then one day my dear friend and leadership practitioner, Jen Grace Baron castigated me for "not bringing more cowbell." In homage to the classic Will Ferrell SNL sketch, she meant that I needed to bring more of my character strengths to everything I was doing. She let me know in no uncertain terms that she appreciates me because she can have fun with me, through laughing and learning. I'm eternally grateful to her because once I gave myself permission to follow my passion, to be who I am and let go of the safe, but boring persona of the stuffy, stoic doctor, life was a better leader in all areas.

Dr. Jason PowersHuffington Post

The InspireCorps webinars provide actionable content on topics that are the most relevant to today’s leadership challenges. Led by experts in the field who apply the latest research to real-world examples, the webinars are convenient, fun, and leave participants with the support and tools to practice and improve their leadership, communication, and emotional intelligence skills.

Charissa Shaughnessy Senior Manager, Human Resources Theravance Biopharma, Inc.

The InspireCorps team gave a particularly remarkable session on leadership at the Officer Women's Leadership Symposium (OWLS) this year. Besides being an incredibly relevant and engaging session, their content stood out because it was rooted in empirical data and then translated seamlessly into practical application. I strongly recommend you consider this organization for experiential leadership sessions or keynote addresses.

Stefanie GoebelDirector, eMentor Leadership Program

The frameworks Inspirecorps shared have helped me to better understand my own strengths, the strengths of my colleagues, and how to most effectively leverage these complementary traits to maximize happiness and productivity at work.

Alex HugonPeach

The language InspireCorp teaches enables you to communicate better with everyone around you. I feel I have real tools to help me not only see the best in others, but to give better feedback. Jen & Allison are a fantastic team together, and teach the course in a clear, concise way.

Michele MillerProduct Design, Peach

One of the most beautiful and subtle transformations has been in how I manage people: I am comfortable leading, asking my team to step up, and now can find the joy in everyday work.

Melina Shannon-DiPietroDirector Friends of High Line


We have been partnering with InspireCorps to train our surgical residents and chiefs to be exceptional leaders both in and out of the operating room. Since working with InspireCorps, our residents more readily identify themselves as leaders and take action with greater confidence and agility.

Brian Shames, M.D.,
University of Connecticut School of Medicine
After reviewing my VIA Strengths with InspireCorps, I’m amazed at how quickly I’ve been able to begin recognizing them in myself and others. Being able to identify strengths I want to bring forward (or minimize) in certain situations is a skill I’m excited to build in both my personal and professional life.
I can’t overstate the value of this skill in team and leadership situations.
Michelle Zak
Designer, Peach
Janet Kraus, CEO
Jen and her colleague Laura brought energy, warmth, and humor to the leadership training for my management team. There was plenty of learning through the laughter, and my team especially appreciated the focused time to think about themselves from a strength-based perspective. We left the training reinvigorated and ready to tackle the new year!
Sarah Cahill
Director of Education, Mystic Seaport
After having used InspireCorps for executive coaching throughout the organization, I recently asked them to design a team development session for my HR team. My goals for the retreat were to get away, have some fun and re-charge as we are starting a new year. From my perspective, all of these goals were met….and then some. I have already heard from several team members who expressed how much they enjoyed the day! Clearly, this is a tribute to you and the expertise, passion and love you bring to this work!
Elena DePalma
Director of Organizational Effectiveness, Yale University
Thank you both for crafting such a perfectly amazing strengths workshop!
Mary Crean
Director of Development, Achieve Hartford!


The results of the VIA strengths assessment we took were interesting as raw data, but their real value became increasingly apparent as Jen and Allison led us through the activation exercises that helped me to turn theoretical intellectual concepts into concrete techniques that I’ve already started using in the workplace.

Alex Hugon

You’ve really inspired me, and I want to hang on to that inspiration for as long as I can!

Leah Russell


Inspirecorps has mastered the art of delivering rigorous, cutting-edge social science research in a manner that is accessible, professionally relevant, thought-provoking and personally empowering.

Alex Hugon


I test drove the pulse check in format this week in one-on-ones with my team and really liked it because it led to more active participation on both parts, provided space for development questions and feedback which we tend to ignore because of time, and allowed us the time to share “good news” which we tend to completely ignore because we focus so much on work in progress.
Everyone really values the IC sessions and tools you have provided. Some examples from my team: one team member feels so much better prepared to offer constructive feedback and make clear requests. Another team member is taking ownership of her role as a group leader, and Advocate for members of the team.

Janie Merkel, PhD.
Director, Yale Center for Molecular Discovery

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