Case Study

University of Connecticut and St. Francis General Surgery Residency: Leadership Development for Surgical Residents

“We have been partnering with InspireCorps to train our surgical residents and chiefs to be exceptional leaders both in and out of the operating room. Since working with InspireCorps, our residents more readily identify themselves as leaders and take action with greater confidence and agility.”

Brian Shames M.D.,
University of Connecticut School of Medicine, Associate Professor of Surgery, Division Chief General Surgery, Program Director General Surgery Residency

Opportunity – Rapid technological advances and rising competition in health care demand new leadership competencies to manage change, increase efficiency, and maintain excellence.

In 2015, the University of Connecticut and St. Francis General Surgery Residency, hired InspireCorps to launch an innovative and research-based leadership development program for surgical residents. The goal? Elevate leadership of surgical teams.

To date, surgeons have participated in three live development sessions, including core programs such as Leader Guide, Strengths Expedition and Navigating Emotions. Impact on leadership effectiveness, self-awareness, emotional agility, and energy/stress management, is being measured throughout the program.

Participant reviews of InspireCorps’
Leadership  Development Program:

agreed/strongly agreed that: “I have made progress on my leadership development goal(s) over this past year.“
agreed/strongly agreed that: “I understand the difference between motivating and non-motivating feedback.“
agreed/strongly agreed that “I am more effective (than this time last year) in leading others.“

Participant: “Very engaging, useful tools”