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Zoom Series: Wednsday’s at 12 PM Eastern

What role do you see Inspiration playing in the future? 

This is a significant time of transition and turbulence, and yet despite the magnitude of this disruption, we also believe it offers opportunities to unlock next level leadership; increase agility and adaptability, build trust and resilience, and learn and grow together in new ways. Every Wednesday, we will host an interactive zoom series focused on what leaders are doing and thinking about this remarkable time in history and how they see the role of inspiration as we reimagine the future. 

We look forward to sharing these conversations with you and exploring the many ways that inspiration can fuel growth and transformation. We welcome your thoughts, ideas and insights as part of our ongoing series.


May Schedule: 

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  • 5/27 Janet Kraus, CEO and Co-Founder, peach
  • 6/3 Stacey Estrella, Founder, humanifesto studios
  • 6/10 TBD
  • 6/17 TBD
  • 6/17 Ben Baran Ph.D., SPHR
  • 7/8 Angie Morgan Founding Partner, Lead Star

Zoom info: 


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