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Building Sustainable Inspiration: What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Creating a Culture of Inspiration When Old Tactics Don’t Work 

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You can effect change and motivate your employees to perform at their best by building a culture of sustainable inspiration. 



The way people work and interact while working is rapidly changing. What companies and leaders will need to know, do, and create to succeed is different daily.

The future of work will be dependent upon building and sustaining an inspired organization, as well as providing innovative continuing education for the entire workforce. 

This is a lofty goal, but it can be accomplished; the end result is what we call Sustainable Inspiration.

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

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In order to effect change within an organization and drive employees to give their all and be at their best throughout the culture of change, people need to feel heard and understood. A few ways to implement this throughout your organization are to:

  • flatten hierarchy
  • increase employee diversity across generations, educations, and cultures
  • motivate employees with inclusion as well as financial incentives.

Many organizations have systems and expectations in place – practices like annual performance reviews that focus on weaknesses; cultures that suppress candid, in-the-moment feedback and dialog; and teams with insufficient methods to fully integrate remote workers – that no longer a company culture that supports what individuals and organizations need. As a result, leaders need to rethink how they lead in today’s world. As the title of Marshall Goldsmith’s book says, what got you here won’t get you there.

You may ask, what will get you there when the tactics they have used for years no longer work? What can an inspired leader to create a workforce that thrives? The answer lies in creating a culture of inspiration and spreading it throughout their organizations.  In our next post, we’ll define what a culture of inspiration is and isn’t.  Leave a comment- what are the practices your organization needs to let go of so you can build your culture of inspiration?


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